Let’s stop with the BS and hype… here is the truth about MLM!

Do you really want to know what makes a great opportunity?

Like really… lets be realistic here!

What makes a great opportunity is..

  • a company that has over 300 000 real customers
    that use and need real products
  • a leadership team that won’t B.S. you about 1 click riches!
  • a company that puts value, honesty and integrity first!

Ok let me show you why WE have sustainable legs while
others crash and burn.

We have real products.. let me prove it to you!!
I can prove it to you by showing you our alexa.com ranks.
Alexa.com is a third party ranking service owned by Amazon.com

Alexa.com ranks sites by popularity and USE of that site..

Now lets look at our Alexa ranks first.

Product 1. GoGVO.com our hosting company. Global rank 1615
(click here to see the image below)
GoGVO Alexa Rank

Product 2. Meetcheap.com Our conference software: Global Rank 2038
(click here to see the image below)

MeetCheap Alexa Rank

Now your website and your conference software are just two of the
main softwares included with your Pureleverage tool suite.

Now I am not one to “bash our competitors” so I’ll keep them anonymous
a little bit.

Here is crash and burn MLM hype company 1.
(click here to see the image below)

As you can see the they launched in December or so and were literally
dead by April… HYPE DOES NOT LAST!

Here is crash and burn hype company 2.
(click here to see the image below)

Crash and Burn Hype Company

They launched in late February and were pronounced dead by May.

You see…

Hype will not get any company anywhere LONG TERM!!

So what is the success formula for a good MLM model?

1. You need to have a good marketing funnel to attract new distributors
2. You need to have a solid product that customers need with exceptional
value in the in the marketplace!

3. You need to have 10 real customers for every distributor!

Enough hype and B.S.

Get it! For any company to survive in the MLM space you NEED customers!

That is why we are AWESOME..

We REALLY are totally AWESOME..

From a product standpoint where else can you get

  • Your very own website
  • A professional auto responder service
  • A “done for you” lead capture system
  • Video e-mail and streaming to generate know, like and trust!
  • A live audio and video conference room for hundreds to join in on
  • The best coaching in the industry
  • The Facebook Instant Income System to drive massive profits to your pocket!

You get all theses tools at literally a FRACTION of the cost
of the competition!

Yep… all these tools are only $24.95 per month!!

Just an autoresponder at aweber is $130.00 a month
Just a webinar room at gotomeeting.com is $79.00 a month!!

You get soooo much more with us for $24.95

So here is why you will get involved with us 🙂

We have!!

>> Awesome leadership
>> Awesome Support
>> Awesome compensation plan
>> Awesome products that every customer needs!

All for $24.95 per month!!

So look… get your 7 day risk free trial right here!!

All the risk is on me because of for what ever reason
after a full 30 days if you wake up and the sky isn’t blue
enough for you….

We will give you an unconditional, no questions asked 30 day

We don’t want your business if you don’t absolutely LOVE us!

Get involved… try us out today and experience the magic!!

I really look forward to working with you to finally
help you build a REAL business from home!

–Micheal & Yvonne – WSOInsiders.com

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