MLM… Making Lemonade Miraculously!

When people resort to the MLM lifestyle, it is usually after they have been handed a lot of lemons. They feel like nothing is going their way and they need a drastic change in their lives. The negative people say that is when folks are at their most vulnerable. In reality, it is when they have finally broken down all the barriers and pre conceived notions that have kept them in their situation for so long.

Finally, the last straw has been placed on the proverbial camel’s back and the snapping sound can be heard a mile away. At that point, the person has figured out that they are unlikely to make the drastic changes in their lives that they absolutely need without a LOT of help! The beauty of the MLM model is that someone is always willing to help.

Why is MLM structured to help people? Because the direct selling method relies on the abilities of people to tell other people about the product or service that they offer. In addition to talking about the product, it is usually necessary to tell others about the opportunity as well. Those who see the opportunity and the potential tend to seek out the person in their upline who has already achieved something that they are hoping to achieve.

MLM is structured in a way where if you try and do it all by yourself, you will make some money, but never the kind of money that will prevent burnout. You have to help others to make the kind of money that eclipses anything they could have made at their job. With that kind of potential, people who are not good at dealing with others are motivated to become better at talking to people.

Is life sending you lemons?Having a bad situation when going into a MLM company is actually a benefit, because once you resolve to overcome the bad situation, that bad situation becomes the motivator for those who come after you… who may also suffer from that same situation. You take a huge negative and turn it into a positive because you can then teach others how to overcome the same problems that you had. You are essentially turning lemons into lemonade!

Why not help others by serving them a nice big glass of lemonade that you created just for them? You can tell your story as your new people come to you to ask for help. You can help them go over, under, around and through the same obstacles you faced. With your help, it is like giving them a super power, like a Super Hero. It is all about helping people, and as you empower them to get stronger, they also start helping new people to become stronger, too. This can turn your team into the League of Justice or the Avengers.

So never underestimate the obstacles you are facing and defeating. Never give up hope that you can actually thrive instead of just survive the crisis that is currently bringing you down. Chances are, someone in your upline has already gone through what you have.

Micheal –

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